Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Buddy Joshua

Yesterday afternoon, I got to hang out and spend some time with my son Joshua. Due to some preventive maintenance on the equipment at work I got to leave at lunchtime. Missy had to be in town yesterday afternoon, as well, so we picked up our youngest, from the babysitter's and took him for lunch. Of course, when we asked him where he wanted to go, he said Mickey D's. So off we went.

As soon as we picked him up his first words were, "Dad, Can I go home with you this afternoon, instead of going back to the babysitters?" Of course, I'm a pushover when it comes to those big brown eyes, and I already felt like I hadn't spent alot of time with him, since getting home late Monday evening from our anniversary trip- which by the way- was SUPER!! I quickly gave up the few plans I had for the afternoon, and brought Josh home with me. I'm glad I did! We hung out in the pool, riding and wrestling an ALLIGATOR, then after we had him tamed, he even posed for some pix with us. :)

After that, it was time to pick up Maren after school, grab a quick bite to eat, and head to her 2nd ballgame of the week. There I had more quality time with Josh, since Missy led worship last night at church, and Will went to help her. My Mom and my 2-year old neice, Hannah, and nephew Michael came out to the game as well. Hannah is very..... lets say....energetic!! But thats another post, hopefully for tomorrow. Missy, her mother , and Will all showed up a little later at the game too.
Hope your day was a good one as well !

Just goofing around-at home and at the ballgame.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Leonardo? Michaelangelo? Donatello? Raphael?

Check out this turtle that was at the end of our lane today!

We decided that it must be in the military, with its camo shell on.

I think it is a snake undercover-posing as a turtle. That's the freakiest turtle head I have ever seen.
Travis, can you tell me what kind of turtle this is?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Saturday Morning

We awoke to a bright, sunny morning on Saturday, so I decided to cook our breakfast outside. Cooking outside is something that our whole family enjoys. We love fixing things like ham & beans over an open fire. I think it gives the food better flavor. -Could possibly be the bugs and dirt that fall in it while its cooking--I'm not sure, but anyway I didn't have the energy to start a real wood campfire, so I improvised and fired up the burner on the grill.

My assistant chef for the morning was Will. He has a built in radar that will find an open flame within a 20 mile radius.

Are you hungry yet??

While we were preparing breakfast, my lovey was on the deck, picking her toes, I mean painting her toenails!! Yes, she does have other pajamas, but it seems anytime I take her picture in the wee hours of morning-she has these miss-matched favorites on.

Maren was relaxing in the house, watching a little tv.
She is not much of a bacon and egg eater.
And here's the other little rascal, sneaking out on the deck to snatch a piece of bacon! Yes we really do buy everyone matching shirts and pajama bottoms, but they apparently can't seem to be able to put them together.
and here we are enjoying the fruits of our labor!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

O Praise Him

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share this AWESOME video/song with you. I have not been able to get it out of my head since I heard it. I'm not sure how long it has been out, but I found it on my "good friend", Travis Cottrell's Blog. :) OK just kidding, he doesn't know who I am, but I still read his blog. It will have you out of your chair PRAISING HIM!!