Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Trophy

Another t-ball season has come and gone for our youngest, Joshua. Overall, I think he has shown quite an improvement over last year's games. This year he actually went out and played without me being on the field by his side continuously. The first practice was a little rough, though. I took him up to the dugout and his team was already out on the field practicing. I thought I would go out with him and get him adapted to things again, but he refused to leave the dugout. When I tried to reassure him that I was going out with him, it still did not matter. Then he burst out crying inconsolably,which he did the same thing at the start of the practices last year. I think part of it this year was he didn't know anyone on the team except for his cousin Logan. We ended up finding out when the next practice was and left. He was crying and I was mad. I had thought at that time- GREAT! another fun year of t-ball is on the way.

So after a week of coaxing, by Missy and myself, and telling him how he was going to have so much fun, we made it back to the 2nd practice. This time it was as if we had a totally different child. He took to the field immediately, without shedding a single tear I might add, and practiced like there had never been a problem the prior week.

It was amazing to us, how much Josh and his whole team had improved since last year.
This year they were pitched balls by their coaches, and only used the tee as a last resort.
Of course, they were still a lot of fun to watch. On many occasions, when the opposing team hit the balls, practically the whole fielding team would all converge upon the ball, and try to fight over it. There were also still the occasional players, Josh included, who became sidetracked easily by the alluring wide open expanse of DIRT, or the occasional bugs, birds, cars or trains who happened to pass by at just the right time, leaving them oblivious to the line drive heading straight for them. Missy and I decided Josh was a professional at looking busy and ready to catch the ball. He was usually in position and waiting for the ball to be hit, but if it came in his direction he would kind of run towards it, but never seemed to quite gather enough energy to get there 1st to pick it up. We called him an "official ball guide". He kind of ran along beside it, "guiding and protecting" it, until it was finally picked up. Oh well, he still had a lot of fun.

His best asset was hitting. He rarely had to use the tee, and was a strong hitter. Thank God, they wear helmets. One occasion he swung so hard, he missed the ball, but hit himself in the back of the head. Ouch! It didn't seem to bother him though.

Of course by the last couple of weeks of the season, Joshua's whole focus turned to the coveted
"Trophy". As you probably know each member of the team receives a trophy at the end of the season. We heard more than once, "When do we get our trophy?" This year they had the official ceremony on a Friday evening, where all the t-ballers got together after a game and received their trophies.

Josh was so proud of his and we had to make the rounds to show the grandparents the prestigious TROPHY after the game! I wanted to say a special thanks, to the Beltz family-yes even Beth, who shoved my head into a water fountain at church Sunday-while I was getting a drink, for their excitement they expressed to Josh over his trophy. They were the 1st ones we ran into as they were on their way to the band concert, so of course Josh had to show them his prized possession.

When we got home, we had placed the trophy on the middle of our dining room table.
The funniest thing was the next day, it wasn't where we had put it. I started to ask Joshua where he had put it, but then I went into the living room, and had to laugh. Joshua had placed his trophy in the window, for the whole neighborhood to see. :)

Waiting in line.

Josh, with his cousin Logan.

The TROPHY on display!