Sunday, March 25, 2007

Haircuts For All

Our weekend is now complete. Missy lined all the Milbourn boys up on the deck, and sheared us one by one. It feels good to have a fresh haircut, and we are ready to start a new week. I offered to return the favor to Missy, but she declined. She already got her hair cut yesterday or I'm sure she would have taken me up on the offer! :)

PS: Joshua wanted me to include this picture of him.
I think he just wants to prove that his hair is so short that
it won't hang down off his head.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Dog Food Recall

We had a strange occurrence at our house this past weekend. We noticed that on Friday evening our dog had stopped eating her dog food. Usually when we feed her she will scarf down the food in a matter of minutes. I hadn't thought much about it until Sunday, when she still hadn't eaten it. I didn't think she was sick because she would still beg anytime the kids had any food, and she was drinking her water. I just figured that she had given in to her strange fetish and probably swallowed another sock or something. --but that is another post for another time :)

But then lo and behold-we heard about the pet food recall on the news Monday morning. We normally feed her Iams brand , which was one of the brands recalled, but we give her dry Iams and that wasn't one of recalled types. The kids tried an experiment and filled her food bowl with catfood and she went straight to the bowl and ate it all!! We purchased a different kind of dog food that evening and she ate it as well.

Coincidence?? I THINK NOT!!! We've all decided that she is watching CNN when we are not home during the day. She's a NEWS HOUND!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Signs of Spring

Hey everyone,

I'm back on the blog! It's just been hard to follow up the last blog I posted. JUST KIDDING. Life has been a little hectic the last couple weeks, and blogging is always pushed to the last item of the day, and then it never happens. So SORRY to the 5 or 6 people who actually read my posts!! :) Since the last 2 weekends were nice weatherwise, today I am just including a BUNCH of pictures I have taken. For some reason, I have been into taking pictures of the "Wild life" around the Milbourn House. No, I'm not just talking about Missy and the kids. We seem to have a lot of other creatures running around our yard lately, so I am including them in this post as well as other "Signs of Spring". I have been especially keen on taking pictures of the birds hanging out around the feeder. I guess its the challenge of trying to snap their pix before they get away. If they make me too mad and fly away, I just let the cat outside and she takes care of them for me! :) Hope you enjoy

OK, according to the official thermometer at the Milbourn weather center it was warm enough to enjoy a little relaxation time with a good book on the deck. I think that lasted for about 20 minutes before I was interuppted.

It was here that I discovered the 1st signs of Spring--FLIES. One was enjoying my glass of tea.

And of course, no warm early spring day could be complete without the pesky ladybugs. Luckily, they were not too bad. Just a few here and there.

The ladybugs were not to be outdone. Here's the first spider sighting of the season. I read somewhere,not long ago, that at any given time, you are always no more than 2-4 feet away from a spider. My daughter doesn't think too highly of those statistics. She was having a COW!, when I was picking this one up on our front porch. I have to admit though the big hairy ones do kinda freak me out!!

It's great to see something with COLOR outside again. These are some of our perennials which are pushing through the leaves. Pretty
exciting HUH??!!

And now its time for this blog to go to the BIRDS!! ........

I will leave you with a few squirrels frolicking in the warm weather! :)

Life is GOOD!!!!!!