Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Joshua Saves the Day!

It's not everyday you have a 7 yr. old hero in your house!

Yesterday Joshua.....well, I'll just let him tell the story in his own words, and I'll type it here for you all. He asked me to post it here on my blog. He's pretty excited.

Today, I was walking from school to the babysitter's house and then there were 2 police cars and police men standing in the babysitter's driveway.

I ask Josh what he thought at this point? Josh's response: Holy Crap!

And then Josh said the babysitter told him she had accidentally locked herself out of the house, -(no kids inside btw).

I asked Josh how the policemen got to the babysitter's house.

Josh's response: A police man was sitting down the road watching around in case anything happens at school, and the babysitter seen him and told him to come to her house. He called the other policeman to help.

"Then what happened?" I asked Joshua.

Josh's response:They lifted me over the fence to the backyard. They asked one of the other girls
who had come home on the bus, to help first cause she was smaller, but she cried. So they messed with the babysitters window and got it open-and they shoved me through the window, and I went behind the couch and walked through the "boy corner" and through the house and unlocked the front door.

What is the "boy corner?", I asked Josh

Josh's response:It's where me and Jonathon play power rangers all the time Dad!

"Do you EVER let girls in there?", I asked Josh.

Josh's response: "Only Carly, because I liked her since I was three..."

ok, now back to the original story....

"I went to the front door, unlocked it, and everybody came in." The babysitter said, "You are my hero Joshua", and we started playing again...

"Did she give you any special treat for being so brave," I asked.

Josh's response: "Noooooooooooo !!!!!, that's it. I'm trying to watch Duck Dodgers now, can we please be done?"

And with that, we are apparently concluding, "How Joshua saves the Day!"

We did buy a celebratory pack of watermelon gum at W$lm$rt last night for the "Hero."

He even shared a piece with me.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Too Much Time on Their Hands

Wow! Its hard to believe I haven't been on this blog -o-mine for over a month. So I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is having a Happy New Year so far. I usually don't make New Years resolutions, but one of my "goals" this year is to be a better and more frequent blogger.Maybe, by putting that out here publicly, you all can hold me accountable to it. Of course, there may not be anyone still reading this. :)

Anyway,I just have a few pix to share:

Here's our Christmas picture from 08'

We decided to wear coats instead of having to go through the pain and suffering of listening to the kids whine about having to dress up, and Missy decided to have the guys wear matching red scarves and the girls to wear white ones. We had to go purchase the red scarves and ended up spending what I thought was a crazy amount on 3 scarves. However, it was better than having to purchase everyone new sweaters. I justified the amount by thinking the kids could wear their scarves all Winter ......right?........Well, here's my 2 oldest children's ideas of wearing the scarves. --not quite what their mother or myself had in mind.
I hereby present to you 101 WAYS TO WEAR YOUR WINTER SCARVES.....

I think it's a good thing they are heading back to school tomorrow!