Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Life of the Party

Missy recently commented on one of her blog posts that we knew our relationship with Tim and Jennifer had reached a new level. They had come over to our house, on a Friday night, and instead of sitting around talking, we all had our computers in our laps surfing the net. Occasionally we would stop and talk and then continue surfing. Personally, I think our relationship reached a new level along time ago. Let me use some pix to illustrate my point.

It all started a few years back. We went on vacation with Tim and Jennifer, and Travis and Gretchen, to St. Pete Beach, Florida. It was a 4-day trip without the KIDS!! WOO HOO!!!! We were all excited just to have a little time away to relax. That is where we found out that Tim likes to SLEEP!! Anywhere!!, Anytime!! The first night there we all got together, in one of our rooms to hang out for awhile. It wasn't long before Tim, assumed this positon on the floor. If you look closely, we had a little fun while he was asleep and tied his shoes together. That was fun!!

We have found that Tim's favorite place to sleep, is on our couch. After he parks there for awhile, he is out. The above, right picture you will find him sleeping with his favorite Christmas blankie, with visions of sugar plums dancing in his head!

Even with all the excitement of an indoor water park, Tim still finds the time to squeeze in a nap.(see above) :) :) He has been known even on more than one occassion to suck his friends into the naptimes with him. After all you can only sit and watch him sleep for so long!! See pix above right and pix below.

Tim, Tim , Wake up and give me my MP3 player back!!!

OK! OK! He wasn't really asleep in this picture-I think he would have been though if we would have left him alone a little longer.

Which now brings me to this last picture of the Timothy tale, which is where this blog post began-In our living room, a few weeks ago on our computers, and one of Tim's favorite places-
our couch.

Thanks Tim, for allowing me to share the pictures and tell the story!!!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh Happy Day

Here's how my day started.
I was walking into work on the sidewalk (in the dark mind you) located behind the building. When alas, I felt something extra soft hit the heel of my left shoe. I did a little sliding number, and of course did the quick look around to see if anyone was looking. But who in there right mind would be out at 6:50 am. WELL, apparently some BIG dog was, and couldn’t quite make it to the snow-covered grassy area on both sides of the sidewalk. Or quite possibly, he didn’t want to get his paws wet in the snow, but at any rate, I stepped or slid through his deposit. So after a loud grumble, I proceeded to the nice snowy, grassy area to grind my shoe in the snow, to remove the nasty. At that point, I had the brief thought that if this was how my day was starting , I should have stayed home in bed. I thought about cleaning it up, but I didn’t have any proper utensils to do the job, plus I needed to get into work so I wouldn’t be late. I didn’t think anything else about my “misstep” earlier, until 1 ½ hours later when my co-worker came to work and the first words out of her mouth were, “Did you see that some dog left a big pile of c#@p right in the middle of the sidewalk?” To which I held up my left foot and said, “Why ,yes I did!” Needless to say, she had a nice little laugh!

Missy called about 10:30 am, and said she would pick me up for lunch at 11:00. When she arrived she called and let me know that she was waiting in the parking lot. I hurriedly grabbed my coat, and headed outside. Didn’t want to keep my Lovey waiting! I was walking down the sidewalk trying to look serious as I was walking toward Missy’s car. A week or so, I was coming out to meet her and she made fun of me because I had a stupid look on my face, like I was laughing or something all the way to the car. So I was thinking about looking suave and smart as I headed her way, when all of a sudden, SMOOSH!! Yes, you guessed it!! Same foot and all, right in the pile AGAIN!!!

I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!! How could I be so stupid as to forget my earlier experience. Only this time it was worse. It covered the entire bottom of my shoe and came half way up the side. This time I had a few choice words come from my mouth, and I headed back to my favorite snow bank. By this time, I can see Missy straining her neck trying to see what the heck I was doing. I headed for the car, where she is still trying to see why I’m walking so funny. Of course, I told her it was HER fault. If I hadn’t been trying to look so intelligent and impress her as I was walking , I would have remembered to watch my step. By the time I finished telling her it was the 2nd time I had stepped in it today, we were both laughing hysterically. She wasn’t laughing quite as hard when I stepped into the car and she got a big whiff of me, when the heat blew across my foot!! I had to get napkins, and clean off the side of my shoe. Then , of course , there’s the dilemma, of what do I do with the napkins? I couldn’t put them in the car until I can find a trash can. Luckily the wind was blowing about 30 mph, so I just let them fly!!
So finally we went and had a nice lunch, and upon returning to work, I once again shared the fine experience with my co-worker, who had her second good laugh of the day.

So, see your day could have been worse!!

P.S. no I didn't step in it again on my way home! :-)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Daydreaming VS. Reality

Well, out of sheer boredom this afternoon, I have finally decided to create a blog!
I think Missy is more excited about it than I am. The hardest thing is coming up with a name for it. I'm not to happy with the one chosen -so I might change it. Anybody got any good ideas?
Earlier I was flipping through some of the (sorry to admit!!)approx. 1800 pictures on my computer(which I also must admit that most haven't been backed up onto CD's either) and came across this one of our pool taken last summer. I'm really getting a little tired of winter, cold temps and snow. I spent another 10 minutes or so just daydreaming about warm weather. I can't wait to be able to open the windows, sit outside and read a good book, and even yard work is sounding like fun. ( Someone remind me of that this Summer when its 95 degrees and humid!! OK, now back to reality-so I'm also adding a picture of what our pool looks like today.

Hope you enjoy!