Thursday, February 28, 2008

Now Where Did I Put My Engine???

Now in my 21 years or so of driving to work in Terre Haute, I have come across several car parts in the road. I've seen mufflers, hubcaps, a large piece of metal , which, by the way, was hurled at my vehicle at 65mph by a semi-thereby puncturing my gas tank. Thanks to my fellow blogger Sprigglet , who was kind enough to pick me up, from the side of I-70 after THAT little incident. Sorry, I digress..... anyway--But NEVER have I come across an entire engine lying in the road. That's just what I saw this morning, lying in the Southbound lane of US 41. How would you like to not be paying close attention and run into that on your morning commute? I think that would send your coffee flying...By the time I came upon it, the police had the lane blocked off. I thought it was worth a picture anyway. That's was the most exciting part of my day!! How bout' you all?? Anything interesting to report?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Having Compassion

I would like to introduce you to Felix. He is from Uganda. Our family just recently sponsored him through Compassion International. We had talked about sponsoring a child in the past, but I am ashamed to say, it was one of those things that we never got around to doing-kinda forgot about. But recently, it has been put on my heart again, through some of the blogs I read almost daily, such as Shaun Groves, Shannon-Rocks In My Dryer, Sophie-Boo Mama, and Brian Seay-Artist Relations Manager for Compassion International. These are a few of the 15 Christian Bloggers, who Compassion has asked to head to Uganda with them, and blog daily while there, to show the world how Compassion, through people just like you and me, can rescue children from poverty in Jesus name.
I have added a "widget" in my side bar, that when you click on the "read"button will automatically bring up the list of bloggers. Then by clicking on the name,it will take you to that person's blog and you can read what they have to say daily about their experience, while in Uganda. If you click on the share button it gives you a place to select your own blog provider, and then by typing some info, it will automatically copy it on your help spread the word about Compassion in Uganda...Cool Huh!
Our family has decided to give up eating out a meal per month, to help support Felix. It's $32 a month, to sponsor a child. If you know us , you know we eat out too much anyway, and with the 5 of us, it usually costs at least that much, if its a decent restaurant.
Compassion's slogan is "Releasing Children from poverty in Jesus' name." I think Shaun Groves summed it up well on his blog when he said he thought they should add "Releasing Americans from wealth in Jesus' name", by gently and lovingly prying the hands of the wealthy off "stuff "we have labeled "mine"and using it to care for the poorest of poor in the name of God, to which everyone and everything belongs anyway". Isn't that so true? We take so many things for granted-and act like we can't survive without them ,while these kids, don't even have basic necessities they need.
If you are interested in sponsoring a child you can go here. The process is easy, and it only takes a few minutes to do. There are over 2000 kids waiting.
If you already sponsor a child, I would love to hear about them and how they have blessed you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well so much for all the hard work last Spring putting THAT together!!!
It has withstood many howling wind storms since then and never budged an inch, but I guess last night's was a little too much for her.
May she rest in peace!!