Thursday, February 28, 2008

Now Where Did I Put My Engine???

Now in my 21 years or so of driving to work in Terre Haute, I have come across several car parts in the road. I've seen mufflers, hubcaps, a large piece of metal , which, by the way, was hurled at my vehicle at 65mph by a semi-thereby puncturing my gas tank. Thanks to my fellow blogger Sprigglet , who was kind enough to pick me up, from the side of I-70 after THAT little incident. Sorry, I digress..... anyway--But NEVER have I come across an entire engine lying in the road. That's just what I saw this morning, lying in the Southbound lane of US 41. How would you like to not be paying close attention and run into that on your morning commute? I think that would send your coffee flying...By the time I came upon it, the police had the lane blocked off. I thought it was worth a picture anyway. That's was the most exciting part of my day!! How bout' you all?? Anything interesting to report?

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Kathy said...

OMG! Can you imagine losing that thing?! Or like you said, driving along later and not seeing it in the road?! Wow. (I wonder if you've picked up too much magnetic energy at work , Denn-I. If any more metal comes flying down the road at you, you better get checked out!)