Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Life of the Party

Missy recently commented on one of her blog posts that we knew our relationship with Tim and Jennifer had reached a new level. They had come over to our house, on a Friday night, and instead of sitting around talking, we all had our computers in our laps surfing the net. Occasionally we would stop and talk and then continue surfing. Personally, I think our relationship reached a new level along time ago. Let me use some pix to illustrate my point.

It all started a few years back. We went on vacation with Tim and Jennifer, and Travis and Gretchen, to St. Pete Beach, Florida. It was a 4-day trip without the KIDS!! WOO HOO!!!! We were all excited just to have a little time away to relax. That is where we found out that Tim likes to SLEEP!! Anywhere!!, Anytime!! The first night there we all got together, in one of our rooms to hang out for awhile. It wasn't long before Tim, assumed this positon on the floor. If you look closely, we had a little fun while he was asleep and tied his shoes together. That was fun!!

We have found that Tim's favorite place to sleep, is on our couch. After he parks there for awhile, he is out. The above, right picture you will find him sleeping with his favorite Christmas blankie, with visions of sugar plums dancing in his head!

Even with all the excitement of an indoor water park, Tim still finds the time to squeeze in a nap.(see above) :) :) He has been known even on more than one occassion to suck his friends into the naptimes with him. After all you can only sit and watch him sleep for so long!! See pix above right and pix below.

Tim, Tim , Wake up and give me my MP3 player back!!!

OK! OK! He wasn't really asleep in this picture-I think he would have been though if we would have left him alone a little longer.

Which now brings me to this last picture of the Timothy tale, which is where this blog post began-In our living room, a few weeks ago on our computers, and one of Tim's favorite places-
our couch.

Thanks Tim, for allowing me to share the pictures and tell the story!!!


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JenniferLayne said...

As I read this, Tim is passed out in the La-Z-Boy pretending to read a book. I LOVE IT!! :)Jennifer