Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh Happy Day

Here's how my day started.
I was walking into work on the sidewalk (in the dark mind you) located behind the building. When alas, I felt something extra soft hit the heel of my left shoe. I did a little sliding number, and of course did the quick look around to see if anyone was looking. But who in there right mind would be out at 6:50 am. WELL, apparently some BIG dog was, and couldn’t quite make it to the snow-covered grassy area on both sides of the sidewalk. Or quite possibly, he didn’t want to get his paws wet in the snow, but at any rate, I stepped or slid through his deposit. So after a loud grumble, I proceeded to the nice snowy, grassy area to grind my shoe in the snow, to remove the nasty. At that point, I had the brief thought that if this was how my day was starting , I should have stayed home in bed. I thought about cleaning it up, but I didn’t have any proper utensils to do the job, plus I needed to get into work so I wouldn’t be late. I didn’t think anything else about my “misstep” earlier, until 1 ½ hours later when my co-worker came to work and the first words out of her mouth were, “Did you see that some dog left a big pile of c#@p right in the middle of the sidewalk?” To which I held up my left foot and said, “Why ,yes I did!” Needless to say, she had a nice little laugh!

Missy called about 10:30 am, and said she would pick me up for lunch at 11:00. When she arrived she called and let me know that she was waiting in the parking lot. I hurriedly grabbed my coat, and headed outside. Didn’t want to keep my Lovey waiting! I was walking down the sidewalk trying to look serious as I was walking toward Missy’s car. A week or so, I was coming out to meet her and she made fun of me because I had a stupid look on my face, like I was laughing or something all the way to the car. So I was thinking about looking suave and smart as I headed her way, when all of a sudden, SMOOSH!! Yes, you guessed it!! Same foot and all, right in the pile AGAIN!!!

I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!! How could I be so stupid as to forget my earlier experience. Only this time it was worse. It covered the entire bottom of my shoe and came half way up the side. This time I had a few choice words come from my mouth, and I headed back to my favorite snow bank. By this time, I can see Missy straining her neck trying to see what the heck I was doing. I headed for the car, where she is still trying to see why I’m walking so funny. Of course, I told her it was HER fault. If I hadn’t been trying to look so intelligent and impress her as I was walking , I would have remembered to watch my step. By the time I finished telling her it was the 2nd time I had stepped in it today, we were both laughing hysterically. She wasn’t laughing quite as hard when I stepped into the car and she got a big whiff of me, when the heat blew across my foot!! I had to get napkins, and clean off the side of my shoe. Then , of course , there’s the dilemma, of what do I do with the napkins? I couldn’t put them in the car until I can find a trash can. Luckily the wind was blowing about 30 mph, so I just let them fly!!
So finally we went and had a nice lunch, and upon returning to work, I once again shared the fine experience with my co-worker, who had her second good laugh of the day.

So, see your day could have been worse!!

P.S. no I didn't step in it again on my way home! :-)


Kathy said...

OH...MY...GOODNESS!!! I was laughing so hard as I read through this that I had tears running down my cheeks! I could "see" every bit of this, Denn-I. (And smell it too.) Hope today's lookin' (and smellin') better for you!

M. Milbourn said...

I wonder if that dog had been to the Lion's Den. Ra ha ha (inside joke)

Jen K said...

Your account of this day painted such a vivid picture that I could envision your mishap...and had to laugh hysterically!! Thanks for sharing and please don't wear those shoes to church on Sunday ;)

JenniferLayne said...

Denny...I almost just peed my pants laughing at you. I hope this is the first of many poop stories. :)Jen