Sunday, March 25, 2007

Haircuts For All

Our weekend is now complete. Missy lined all the Milbourn boys up on the deck, and sheared us one by one. It feels good to have a fresh haircut, and we are ready to start a new week. I offered to return the favor to Missy, but she declined. She already got her hair cut yesterday or I'm sure she would have taken me up on the offer! :)

PS: Joshua wanted me to include this picture of him.
I think he just wants to prove that his hair is so short that
it won't hang down off his head.

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Gretchen said...

Tell Missy not to put the clippers away. Trav needs a cut too! Which I am sure she would tell him anyway when she sees him!!! LOL Also tell Josh he sure looks cute:) Will you guys be around for Easter? We will be in town and would love to see you guys. Talk to you later. Gretchen