Thursday, September 4, 2008

Will's Excellent Adventure

Tonight, when we got home from work, we were greeted by our oldest son smiling from ear to ear. This was quite strange since he typically doesn't even acknowledge our presence when we walk in the door.

"What's that you're waving in your hand son?" "WHAT?? Your DRIVER'S PERMIT?!? For crying out loud, you haven't even been in driver's ed for two weeks yet!" YIKES!!!

So, we all emptied our bladders (to avoid any accidents due to extreme fear) and we piled in the family mini van to go on Will Milbourn's maiden voyage. Well, actually, we've let him drive before, but only in the cemetary. We figured he couldn't hurt anyone there :-). But this was the first REAL trip. The first time he'd driven on a real highway. With real cars coming at us. With live people in them. With steep ditches on the sides of the road. In the rain.

"How do I turn on the windshield wipers?"

"Wow!" "The turn signal goes off by itself?"

I was freaking out because he was taking the corners too fast. Missy was about to have a cow because he was so close to the edge of the road. Good thing we took that potty break :-)

All in all, he did very well. We are super excited! And celebrating this new journey with him!

It is now 9:09pm, Will just came up from the basement where he was doing his homework.

The first words out of his mouth "Do you want to go for a ride through town?" Do you? DO YOU?? Can we take the Honda this time?(which he will be driving when he gets his license)

Do the turn signals turn off by themselves in that car too?

I think its going to be a looooonnnnng year, until he turns 16.....

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Kathy said...

That was so great! I can't EVEN believe he's old enough for this. Look out, Marshall! :-)
(Congrats, Will!)