Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Weekend

As the weekend comes to a close I thought I would give everyone a recap of what the Milbourn clan did. Saturday morning included a quick trip to Terre Haute, with an expensive stop at Sam's club. We don't go there very often, thankfully, cause we can never seem to leave without spending at least $100. This time was no exception.

After that we came home, had lunch and just hung out, doing yardwork, I took the solar cover off the pool and cleaned it, and then one child even braved the cool temps of the pool and went swimming. By the way the water has warmed up to 68 degrees.

Maren's birthday is coming up next weekend, and she has been wanting either a gymnastics mat to practice on which is WAY to expensive for the small size of it, or a trampoline to practice on. We chose the trampoline -since we figured the other kids could get good use out of it too.

WELL, that was a big mistake. We went ahead and purchased it at Wally world, yesterday, and started putting it together. Let me first say that I have always DESPISED putting things together!! I will go so far as at Christmas as to specifically pick things out for the kids that don't need to be put together. Which now that I think about it is kinda weird, because I use to love putting models of cars, and thing like lincoln logs together as a child. So I'm not sure where I lost my patience. It could be with the 5 yr. old standing next to me right now, as I am typing this, asking me 50 questions, and singing the song "Lifesong" in my ear very LOUDLY. Ok, he left, anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, the trampoline from hell!!!
Well, to make a long story short, this trampoline came with horrible directions, we got the base-frame put all the way together, only to figure out afterward, that we had did it wrong, and had to take it almost all the way apart, and start over, which caused me to begin losing my patience Big Time!! And then my sweet sister(Love ya honey!!) if you should read this, who happens to live next door and is outside in her front yard, while all this is going on, starts to HECKLE me. YES, I said HECKLE!!!

Comments like, "What's a matter Denny?" "Having troubles over there??" "You better calm down!!" She just kept at it, and a rage built up inside me, like a pot of water quickly heading to a boiling point. I had an instaneous thought to run screaming across the yard and knock her flat.
But then I quickly came back to my senses, and realized that we were not 9 and 7 years old again respectively, and she WAS a girl, so I pulled myself together and ignored her and she eventually shut up. So after about 2-3 hours total of messing with this monster(the trampoline not my sister) -we called it quits for the day. Everything was completed except for the cage(netting)that goes around it, to keep the kids from falling off, at which point I didn't care if it ever got put on.

We did live on the edge , and let the kids jump on it for awhile yesterday. (More pictures below). Today, the netting did go on a little smoother, my sister was outside again , but kept quiet.(I think she is really scared of me!) and when the kids did get on the trampoline,when it was completely finished,suprisingly it did not collapse on them. HALLELUJAH!!!

We ended the evening having supper with some friends, and then had band practice at church, where we learned the song "His Grace is Enough", by Chris Tomlin.

So that's all I got for ya!!

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Gretchen said...

Aren't they a lovely thing to put together! We have had a lot of pracitce at it. Make sure you get some anchors to hold it down. Or it may be the trampoline flying across the yard and hitting Darla and not you ;) Not that we would know anything about that. Hee Hee