Monday, April 23, 2007


I have been reminded several times by some of my "Favorite Peeps", that I have not posted any pictures from our recent vacation. So over the next few weeks or so I am going to occasionally, do just that. We vacationed in St. Pete Beach, Florida. I LOVE the beach! I think I could literally spend days at a time just sitting by the ocean. The vastness of it is astounding to me. There is nothing like watching the waves come in and out. It is soooo relaxing.

My favorite time though is sunset. Everything takes on a whole new look. Around 3-4 o'clock, the crowds thin out as people head inside to get cleaned up to go out for supper. Then about 45 minutes to 1 hour before sunset, the atmosphere changes from the bustling beach that it was earlier. Families and couples head back out to watch the glorious event. You can see cameras flashing at times as everyone tries to capture the sunset. As the sun slowly dips into the sea, you can hear shouts and claps from everyone on the beach. I choose to think they are shouts of praise to our heavenly Father, who created this all just for us!! No two sunsets are the same. It is truly amazing to me, how the colors of the sky change minute by minute as the sun lowers on the horizon. So just relax and enjoy!


Kathy said...

Awesome, Brutha! Wasn't there a commercial several years ago where a little boy and dad (or grandpa?) were watching the sunset and when the sun slips below the horizon, the little boy says, "Do it again!"? That's what I thought even when looking at the still shots because they're so vivid. :-)

JenniferLayne said...

Beautiful, bubby!!

Gretchen said...

WOW! I know what you mean. I love to stay on the beach like that. Especially the last night of a vacation. I don't want it to end!