Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ohhh!! Mama Mia-Homemade Pizzeria

Tonight, my lovely assistant Maren, and I prepared supper.
We fixed one of our family's favorites. Homemade Pizzas!!

It is one of the few things that everyone will eat. They were delicious.
Now everyone is lounging around watching Shrek 3 for the second time in one week. We are relaxing(some more than others)-referring to Missy, who's sound asleep, on the couch. I tried to take her picture to show you all but she heard the sound the camera makes when it comes on, opened her eyes, uttered the words "very funny", and then promptly went back to sleep. I better not push my luck!

Anyway, heres a few pictures of our "masterpieces" to tempt your taste buds.


Kathy said...

Geez, has it been that long since I've checked blogs?! It's been a busy week! Those pizzas look SOOOO good. I'm starving!

Anonymous said...

Mom Said..........
And i didnt get invited once
again when you had HOMEMADE
PIZZA>>>>>>>you know how i