Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fall Fun

Yesterday we did something that I have not done in years.


It was awesome!! I know, your probably thinking it doesn't take much to keep us entertained-Your right it doesn't!!

Normally I just mow them with our tractor into a zillion little pieces and be done with it.Our kids have never even had the experience of burning them. What sheltered lives! Josh had mentioned yesterday morning something about playing in the leaves, but somehow burning them got brought up and you know what happens when the Milbourn boys here the word "fire". Will was right there with a lighter and fire starters in hand ready to go. Josh was hot on his heels looking for anything he can get his hands on to throw in as well.

We were at Shane and Kathy's last weekend and they had a campfire. Josh literally went from person to person, sitting around the fire asking non-stop "Are you done with that?"-just so he could have their paper plate, cup or whatever they were holding to throw in the fire. When cousin Michael arrived home shortly after we started, he was right there helping out as well.

Anyway it didn't take long for the leaves to be piled up, and we commenced with the fire.
Nothing like the smell of burning leaves on your clothes, and it took me back to my childhood days of raking and burning them to earn money when I lived in town. Back then, there were no laws stopping you from burning leaves, and some days I think you could have identified Marshall from a satellite map, just from the smoke that was blowing around throughout our neighborhood and town.

While we were burning leaves we also had another fire going where we cooked up a pot of ham and beans, and the day ended with Papaw and Nana(Sam and Darlene) coming out for supper. So here's some pictures from our Saturday.

Joshua-really pumped about the leaves!

Mo even enjoyed the day outside,although

we kept her on a leash--didn't want to serve any

hot dogs!

OH LOVEY, L-O-V-E-Y!!!!!!!!
I think you might want to get the hose or call 911!!!


Gretchen said...

So glad you had a good time. I HATE the smell of burning leaves. There must not be a law against it here because last night as I was going to Meijer, there was a thick haze everywhere. You could even smell it in the front part of Meijer.

Kathy said...

Your "serving hot dogs" line made me laugh out loud! Great post--the fall photos are so vivid and I think I can actually smell leaves burning! :-)

Mom Darlene said...

Mom said......
The Ham and Beans were great....
wish i had a bowl now.
we enjoyed them and the movie.......and the serving hot dogs was so funny and knowing her, she would have been in the middle of the pile...Be sure and ask Will
what Hannah did yesterday when she ended up in the pile of ashes...