Friday, July 25, 2008

Isn't She Lovely....

In case you scrolled down and looked at the pictures first—NO, Maren is NOT getting MARRIED!! At least ,not for the next 50 years or so, if her mother and I have anything to say about it. :)
About a year ago, Maren was asked to be in a wedding, for one of her 2nd or 3rd cousins. I’m not sure what her assignment was in the wedding, but I think it was a junior bridesmaid or something like that…. I don’t know a lot about weddings, but I’m thinking she was a little too old and tall to be the flower girl.

Anyway, the wedding was scheduled for May,2008.
Insert Maren and Missy's point of view:"What a wedding? Oh we--I mean she would love to be in the wedding! "Where are you trying on the dresses at"? "Uhuh uhuh ok we will be right there. "
Insert the sound of car doors slamming and the burning of rubber in the driveway as they head to the Midwest Bridal Dress Emporium.

It seemed as if one minute her cousin asked her by phone to be in the festivities and in the blink of an eye the dress was altered and purchased.

Father's point of view: The wedding was almost a year away. I was thinking, why the rush to buy this dress. It wasn’t cheap! Shouldn’t we be waiting until a little closer to the wedding-like a week or two before? What's the hurry people?

Well guess what??

Did you ever see the chick flick- 27 Dresses?-I think it was about a girl who was a “professional bridesmaid” and had been in a zillion weddings-well 27 to be exact- and kept all the dresses in her closet. Well er-I didn’t see it either! Maybe… :)
Where was I going with this, Oh Yeah-- the wedding was CALLED OFF!

Now we, were stuck—I mean blessed with a dress, and Maren already at age 11 has her 1st –"never worn," instead of "briefly worn" bridesmaid dress to hang in her OWN closet .

So my daughter, who never misses a chance to dress up, and me, who never likes to miss an opportunity to indulge in my favorite hobby, decided we should have ourselves a little “photo shoot”. Might as well, get some use out of the dress, that was never formally worn, before she outgrows it completely.

So a while back, we did just that, and here’s a look at a some of the shots that were taken.

And finally this picture..."She" went screaming by while taking pictures, and I had to get one of her too!


JenniferLayne said...

I love those pictures, especially the twirly black and white one. So good!!!


Kathy said...

Beautiful!! I can tell ya right now, 50 years ain't happenin' bro!