Sunday, November 2, 2008

Compassion in the DR

Hey everyone, They are doing it again! Compassion International has once again, loaded up a group of bloggers, and headed out to another country. This time they are in the Dominican Republic for 5 days.

This is what Compassion is saying about the trip....

"Known for its resort-speckled beaches, there's another side to this Carribean nation unknown to most vacationers. Our bloggers will visit a city dump where families scavenge for food and clothing. They'll tour a neighborhood where drugs are trafficked and children live beside open sewers. The bloggers will see first-hand how Compassion International and child sponsors are bringing HOPE to children living in these places by releasing them from poverty in Jesus' name.

I encourage you to follow along this week by clicking on the Dominican Republic button in my sidebar or you can check it out here. I pray that as you read along, you would truly see how blessed we are and that your heart might be moved to sponsor a child. It will truly change the life of the child, and yours as well. Since reading the blogs from Uganda earlier this year, and sponsoring our own child, it certainly has worked on mine! More on that soon!


Kathy said...

I can't wait to hear more!

Paula said...

Maybe we should plan a Compassion trip..... I know that you are passionate about this, and I've read about other Compassion trips. Why can't we organize one of our own?