Sunday, November 16, 2008

Faces of a Birthday Party

Joshua turned 7 yrs old a few weeks ago. Being the "always ready for a party"boy that he is- we had to narrow his original guest list down from about 30 kids to a more manageable number. :)

Here are some pictures from the party. Highlights were a game called "Mr. Fox"," Red Light..Green Light" and the always popular pinata bashing! What kid doesn't like trying to beat the tar out of something while blindfolded for a prize of CANDY! You would have never guessed that Halloween was the day before. Here is the group picture from the day and right below it is one from 2 yrs ago. Man, they sure grow up fast!! Below the group shots are just some candid shots I took during the chaos--I mean during the games and fun...

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Kathy said...

Those are some awesome pix! Thanks for sharing--it's amazing how "big" they've all gotten. Thank Josh again for inviting the Lay posse 'cuz it looks like they had a blast. :-)