Thursday, November 27, 2008


My early morning quiet time has just been interupted by the repeating sounds of gunfire. I think there is a war going on. It seems to be coming from behind our house in the woods. Hopefully, far, far back in the woods. Maybe I should move away from the three windows that I'm sitting in front of while typing . It sounds to me like this hunter is a really bad shot, by the multitude of rounds being fired, or possibly someone has equipped the deer with their own guns to fire back! That would make things more interesting huh?



Melissa Milbourn said...

Oh don't act like you feel sorry for the deer, Mr. "I bashed a snakes head in with a barbell." :-)

Reba said...

I have a comic that you would enjoy with that post!! (it has a pic of deer with guns!!!)

Love the Pioneer Women Cooks on your side bar. Very manly!!! :~)